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Embracing Sustainability in Style:

At our core, we believe fashion should be a force for good. That’s why our clothing and accessories are meticulously crafted to support sustainability. As a company deeply aware of our environmental responsibilities, we’ve dedicated ourselves to aligning our fashion line with the best interests of our planet.

Sustainable fashion, to us, is more than a trend—it’s a commitment. It means every step of our process, from design and production to distribution and use, is undertaken with environmental well-being in mind. This includes utilizing materials sourced from eco-conscious origins, such as sustainably cultivated fiber crops and recycled materials.



Introducing our Premium Round neck T-Shirts – where comfort meets style in perfect harmony.

Polo T-Shirts

Crafted to perfection, our polo T-shirts blends comfort & elegance.


Solids, checks, stripes & printed – our range of formal / Casual shirts create the perfect look.


A timeless wardrobe essential, designed for warmth and versatility.


Step up your casual look with our men’s sweatshirts
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Made to beat the winter chill and pouring rain, the collection of Jackets is unbeatable.


Perfect for casual wear and light outdoor activities
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A line of smart caps that give a cool and sporty look to your personality.


Check out our collection of ties, designed for that dapper feel.


Delve into our huge selection of  scarves for women.

Leather Collection

Leather Wallet


A fine collection of genuine leather wallets that are genuinely classy.
Leather Passport Holder

Passport Holders

Make a style statement with passport holders that hold attention.

Sling Bags

Chic sling bags that come with a bagful of style quotient.

Laptop bags

Made from premium vegan leather, it is tailored to keep your belongings safe.
Leather Duffle Bag

Duffle Bags

Leather duffel bags that are stuffed with tons of charisma and class.

Gift sets

A superb portfolio of high quality leather gift sets customizable as per your need.
Luggeage Tag

Luggage Tags

Stylish leather luggage tags that ensure your luggage is safe always.


A cool collection of attractive key chains for anything and everything.
Leather Duffle Bag

Duffle Bags

Leather duffel bags that are stuffed with tons of charisma and class.

Bags & Accessories



Stylish and ergonomically designed backpacks in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Laptop Bags

A superb collection of trendy laptop bags designed to keep your laptop safe
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Duffle Bags

Trendy duffle bags designed to accommodate your overnight travel plans

Sling Bags

An array of sling bags you’ll love to sling around while you go around.
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Drawstring Bags

Light and functional bags with drawstrings that make every errand easy.

Paper Bags

Paper bags customisable to your size, colour and design

Jute Bags

We offer a great variety of jute bags, customisable to your size, colour and design.

Cloth Bags

Our durable & reusable cloth bags are a good pick for events or as give aways.


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Sipper Bottles

Cool carry around sipper bottles that are light and compact for everyday use.
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Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs for people who want to take beverages on the go.
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Thermos Mugs

Explore from a wide range of mugs that will keep your coffee / tea cold / hot.
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Thermal Flasks

A variety of super stylish Flasks that can enhance the feel of your coffee time.

Eco-Friendly Products



Beautiful, and extremely useful notebooks that are planet loving.
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Coffee Mugs

Super eco-friendly coffee cups, bottles, thermos mugs that make life easy for you and the planet.


Choose from a wide range of Eco-friendly pens


Eco-friendly stationery products are made from sustainable raw materials such as bamboo, recycled or upcycled paper, cow dung, tree-free paper


Make your tea sipping peaceful and sustainable with eco-friendly coasters. 

Jute Bags

We offer a great variety of jute bags, customisable to your size, colour and design.

Tote Bags

Our durable & reusable cloth bags are a good pick for events or as give aways.

Eco-Sipper bottle

A one stop curated marketplace for all things organic, natural & sustainable.


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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Snazzy and sleek portable Bluetooth speakers that are a treat for music lovers.



Explore Your One-Stop-Shop For Electronics That Are Designed To Make Your Life Easier
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Stylish collection of earphones that take music to a new high.

Car Accessories

All the accessories you need to turn your car into a super car.

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Power Banks

A range of powerful power-banks to back you up when you are on the move

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USB Sticks and Flashdrives

Shop USB flash drives for quick and secure data storage

Wireless Mobile Charger

Enhance the lifestyle aesthetics of your car with a range of car accessories.


Get the perfect pair of headphones for your music, movies and games.

Stationery and Desktop



A variety of pens that are a joy to hold and to flaunt when you need to pen it down.

Notebooks & Diaries

Make important notes or just for scribbles these notebooks make a great companion.

Desk Organizers

Keep your desk clear and stuff organized with these smart desk organizers.

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Business Card Holders

Slip out your business card in style using these cool business card holders.

Awards & Events

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Awards and Trophies

A range of glittering trophy and award designs customised as per your needs.

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Smart customised lanyards that look smart around the neck.

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Customised badges for any event designed to match your requirements.



Available in different sizes and customisable.

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